We here at Cape Fear Recovery know that your company is probably contacted by countless repossession agencies.

But, if you give us the opportunity to service your repossession accounts, you will see that no one compares to us.

We have over 30 years experience in the collection and auto recovery industry. We excel in all aspects of the business.

We train all of our agents toughly in the goal of education and elevating professionalism in the industry. All of our agents are properly trained in the state laws in the areas we cover. They are trained in how to use the equipment properly to insure the safety of your property.

Cape Fear Recovery staff has experience in all aspects of the finance business and we know your financial success depends on a quick recovery, accurate updates and a timely delivery to auction. Cape Fear Recovery uses the latest technology and techniques to make sure we get the job done as efficiently as possible while maintaining the best customer service in the industry.